UPDATED: 25 Feb 2004 New Iraq Pictures (and I'm fixing the old gallery too)
Welcome to Joe's net sewer! There's no telling what you'll find here.


For starters you can go through about 1200 pictures from a recent visit to a cosmopolitan Iraqi resort HERE.
I'm Trying to fix some problems with the main Iraq Gallery. but  I found a bunch of pictures You've never seen!
I have to go through the pictures and organize them in some way, but there are some really great ones here,
especially if you want to see dolphins, mines and UUV's.

I'll have to share a few links to some of my favorite sites, just so you'll understand why I'm the way that I am.
- Stay and play at "The Gobbler" a turkey themed ultra-modern "love hotel"
- Listen To April Winchell or go through here amazing collection of offbeat mp3's
- If you're in southern California, get free dial up internet without any strings or trickery, honest!
- Visit "space age city" for the best in modern building design
- Check out this amazing new product that actually "pulls signals out of the air"! Some of the most skillfully written
ad copy I've ever read
- I just stumbled across this short article and just can't stop laughing